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Media Centre


Grey Primary has a well equipped media centre. There are over seven thousand books. All the books are on a computerized system. Boys are allowed to take out one or two books every two weeks. Grades three to seven have a library period for reading and reading programmes. The library is open during breaks and after school. Exhibitions and projects form part of the library s curriculum.

The IT Centres offers the following to students:


  • 24 Hour access through an ADSL line.


  • 8O Computers
  • Colour laser printing
  • Black and white laser printing
  • Data Projector and screen
  • Multimedia systems


  • MS Windows XP Professional
  • MS Office XP Professional
  • MS Encarta 2008
  • CAMI Mathematics
  • Readers are Leaders
  • Spex +


Tennis Uitslae vs Grey PE

Op Vrydag 9 Februarie speel 10 van ons tennisspelers teen Grey PE. Singles format: Best of 3 sets and third set tie-breaker. Doubles format: Pro-set. Grey Bloem wen al hul enkels en 3 van die 5 dubbels.   🎾🎾🏆

Cricket News

Grey PE krieket inter uitslae:  o.13A WEN met 9 lopies o.13B verloor met 7 paaltjies o.13C verloor met 221 lopies o.13D verloor met 58 lopies o.11A verloor met 134 lopies o.11B verloor met 52 lopies o.11C verloor met 150 lopies