Grey College is the oldest school north of the Orange River and third oldest in the Republic of South Africa. The then Governor of the Cape Colony, Sir George Grey, visited the new Republic of the Orange Free State. On 13 October 1855 he donated a sum of money towards the establishment of an institution for higher education.

On 17 January 1856 the school officially opened its doors for the first time, with Rev Andrew Murray as the first school principal. The Model Republic, Bloemfontein and Grey College grew and developed in harmony, the school under the leadership of men such as Dr. Johannes Brill, James Lyle, Jock Meiring and J.M.B. Fauré.

In 1950 the secondary and primary sections were separated and the newly found Primary School saw rapid development under the direction of Messrs. C.C.F. Bornman, Steve Strydom, and Chris Bester.

Grey College is one of the best known schools in the country. Its past pupils are to be found in all walks of life - not only in South Africa, but also abroad.

In many ways Grey College was a unique school since its founding in 1855. Here students from Afrikaans and English backgrounds studied together under one roof, with each language group receiving tuition separately in his mother tongue. Afrikaans and English pupils unite in extra mural activities and intermingle freely on the school grounds, in the hostels and during school assemblies.

The learners take pride in their school, the traditions and the good name of this institution.It binds and inspires each to deliver more than his best.

We believe that this parallel medium approach is the answer to uniting different language groups. It gives other cultural groups the opportunity to preserve their own heritage.

The meaning of the Emblem

The three orange circles represent three canon balls. These canon balls in turn represent the values of religion, hope and love. Separately, these three values are excellent character attributes. When they are put together, they are however, invincible.

If you can truly say that you have every one of these attributes, you have accomplished a great deal in life. Each of us should strive to embed each of these canon balls deep in our hearts.

Grey Gentlemen

The knight's head symbolises courage. One requires this characteristic to make a success of life and to overcome the difficulties that lie ahead. Many years ago, the knight's head appeared on the emblems of untitled gentlemen. This is rather appropriate, because even today, Grey boys are referred to as Grey Gentleman.

The white unicorn, which looks lively and ready to run, represents vigour and virility. The white colour denotes peace. Just as the unicorn is ready, so should every Grey boy be ready to enter the world with peaceful vigour.

The sun symbolises new generations. Through our education we are rising, just as the rising sun - ready to build on that which the generations of the past have left us.

The motto comes directly from Latin:

Nothing is steadfast which is not true.


Cornel Liebenberg speel in die afgelope Aprilvakansie in die TSA Nasionale Kampioenskappe. Saam met sy dubbelsmaat, Stuart van der Merwe van Waterkloof Preparatory School, wen hulle die o.12 dubbelspel en is die 2017 Nasionale o.12 seuns Dubbelspelkampioene. Bogenoemde voorwaar ‘n uitsonderlike prestasie. Ons is trots op jou, Cornel!


“GREY-POUND” ASSISTENTE POS is by Grey Kollege Primêre Skool beskikbaar Motoriese Ontwikkelingsgroepe vir Gr 1-3 sal deur die assistent aangebied moet word Maandae tot Donderdae vanaf 7 00 – 13 00 CV’s moet by die skool se kantoor ingehandig word of na lbrits gcpb co za gestuur word “GREY-POUND” ASSISTANT POST available at Grey College Primary School Assistant

Skaak Jan 2017

Christiaan Kotze speel in die o.14-afdeling en behaal ‘n 1ste plek. Hy wen 5 uit 5 wedstryde. Ruan Kotze (gr 1) speel in sy eerste toernooi en behaal ‘n 1ste plek in die o.8-afdeling.